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Alicorne Productions

We`ve won awards for tradeshow booth design and photography, we`ve delivered a 100% custom tradeshow booth in 8 business days - we`ve turned theme parties around in around in less then 24 hours, we`ve fulfilled Hunting & Gathering requests in hours.  We also support various schools and charities. Call Alicorne Productions for all of your exhibition, meeting & event decor, hunting & gathering , scale model & display needs!
Address: Franklin Park, IL, 60131    
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Website: Alicorne Productions
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 Alicorne Productions Inc. was formed in 1989, so we`ve been around the block a time or two.  Since the first prop rental, a bagpipe, the company has expanded into a warehouse full of meeting, exhibition and event decor and employs extremely talented carpenters, scenic artists, event decorators, hunter-gatherers and model makers to fulfill your creative vision and event needs.  
 A frequent visitor to Chicago area event and tradeshow venues, Alicorne Productions Inc. has also hit the road, creating exciting environments and keeping blood pressure down for event professionals across the country.  
 In eight business days 40` x 40` tradeshow booth went from concept drawing at our Chicago area shop to a set up in your area. An eight day turn around time is pretty remarkable. What`s even more remarkable is that everything in the booth, with the exception of the task chairs and couch, is custom.  From the structure and graphics of the theater, 12` diameter hanging sign, and display walls; to the work desks and tables.  Even the  carpeting and padding was special order. Just imagine what we could do with a little lead time!  
 Wing and a Prayer Graphic Design a division of Alicorne Productions, Inc. Why settle for "good enough", when you can have spectacular? advertisements, business cards, post cards, sell sheets, brochures - Use your favorite printer, or we can have them printed for you! Reshooting the product and giving it a more appetizing setting, simplifying the text, adding the hefsher, color correcting the logo, and adding a border in one of the client`s logo colors, made this ad, which appeared in a national magazine, pop off the page. We digitally enhanced, repositioned, and added some lively text to the client`s existing photos, creating a tantalizing sell sheet for tradeshows and mailings.  The reverse side of this page lists ingredients and pricing, turning it into a handy order sheet.

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9116 Belden Franklin Park, IL, 60131

Website: Alicorne Productions  We make you and your event look good!


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