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Adams Collision Center

At Adams Collision Center, we have over 45 years of experience at your fingertips, ready to handle your vehicle`s every need-no matter how complex, we make it easy, with no hassles - offering pick-up and delivery, quick estimates averaging just ten minutes, EZ insurance assistance, on-site rental car pick-up and more. Adams Collision Center is family owned and operated, with an outstanding reputation throughout McHenry County, backed by our lifetime warranty.
Address: Huntley, IL, 60142    
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Website: Adams Collision Center
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 Don`t take chances
Choose Adams First, and Get it Done Right! Unlike old-fashioned "body shops," our professionally trained technicians cater to your vehicle`s every need. We have the software, diagnosis equipment and up-to-date technology to service any make and model.  
 Choose Adams first  
 Leave the Paperwork to Us! The main goal is for us to repair your vehicle to pre-accident condition, and ensure your vehicle is beautiful and safe for the road. If you`re in an accident, call us first, and we`ll deal with your insurance company. Don`t leave that decision up to someone else. It`s your investment.  
 Things to know before having your car repaired.  
 Remember, behind the investment in a home, the investment in your vehicle is likely the second largest one you`ll make. It is important to not only preserve its value, but also preserve your safety by having your vehicle repaired properly and professionally by a highly qualified center such as Adams Collision Center.  
 Never operate a vehicle that could be unsafe due to damages. Oftentimes, insurance companies want you to visit their own drive-in claims center before having your car repaired. However,  you have a better choice!  Save a great deal of time and hassle by simply dropping off your vehicle at one of our conveniently located Collision Centers, and have the insurance company inspect the vehicle here. Having an accident is inconvenient enough without scheduling multiple stops!  
 It is a common misconception that multiple estimates are required by law. That is not the case. You are not required by law to obtain more than one estimate or appraisal. Accidents are often traumatic and stressful, which can easily lead some to give up their decision-making freedoms, leaving it in the hands of others. Remember, by law, your insurance company cannot require you to go to a particular facility for repairs. That can lead to undesirable results - higher cost, lower quality, etc.  We recommend you do your research ahead of time.  We believe you will choose the best - Adams Collision Center. Then, in the event of an unfortunate accident, stick with us.  No matter what, do not give up your freedom to select the best center to properly repair your vehicle. Choose wisely. Choose Adams.  
 Finally, here is a recommendation which you`ll appreciate: Ask Adams to assist you in negotiating your claim with the insurance company. We know the business and have earned our great reputation by helping our customers and looking out for their best interests. Take advantage of decades of experience at Adams Collision Center to help--you`ll be glad you did.

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11550 Kreutzer Road Huntley, IL, 60142

Website: Adams Collision Center  where quality and customer satisfaction count!


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