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Angel Private Eyes

 Quick determination of your problem and situation, efficient problem solving and information gathering - big Picture overview, with a specific focus on your needs. Our network of Angels will help you through your problems, needs and concerns with your "privacy" in mind. Qualified professionals determining the next step to success. Goals determination reduces expenses and maximizes results! Resource technology and support improves our success rate!
Address: Springfield, IL, 62704    
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Website: Angel Private Eyes
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 Private Investigation is a complete general investigation to solve a specific problem or need. This type of investigation will determine the proper procedure for satisfying your information needs.   
 The process of building a legal case whether criminal or civil. Legal Investigation is the process of building and supporting a legal case, criminal or civil.  Legal Investigation will provide support for your legal counsel and their case strategy.  Proper Legal Investigation is the foundation for winning any court case. Field Investigation will  support your ongoing Private Investigation: Advanced surveillance techniques, security analysis, electronic monitoring, GPS tracking, direct contact with targets, S.I.U., procuring support evidence, C.S.I., digital forensic photography and videography. We have advanced "State of the Art" technology to observe without being observed.  Experience and technology together make your Private Investigation a success.  
 Fraudulent Insurance Claims cost the consumer millions of dollars annually.  Fraud Investigations and Personal Injury Surveillance save Insurance Companies from improper settlements and payouts on false claims.  We specialize in finding the truth!  In  every case, from advanced surveillance, to witness interviews, to accident recreations, and forensic evidence procurement, we uncover the underlying truth. This Truth can save you time and money! Searching resource technology combined with traditional investigative technique provide valuable information on individuals, groups and companies.  Knowing your adversaries is your key to victory!  
 Asset Location.  
 Employment verification.  
 Education verification.  
 Criminal and civil searches.  
 Fraudulent identities unmasked.  
 Process service is serving culprits with court papers, summons and complaints, notices, warrants, and subpoenas.   Find the people you need to bring to the court systems and "officially" bring them into the court system. We are licensed Private Detective Agencies!  We are insured and bonded to insure that the service of process is done correctly.  We understand your need to get the target served and into court.

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1337 Wabash Ave. Springfield, IL, 62704

Website: Angel Private Eyes  Private Detectives, Private Investigators, Process Servers, Court Specialists, Criminologists, and Professional Witnesses.

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