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1st Metropolitan Translation Services, Inc.

1st Metropolitan Translation Services, Inc. has been providing quality translations and interpreters nationwide since 2000. Our business is located in downtown Chicago at the Mercantile Exchange Center, where our professional and helpful staff can provide for virtually any language you may need.
Address: Chicago, IL, 60606    
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Website: 1st Metropolitan Translation
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As a major supplier of translation and interpretation services to the Chicagoland area, we understand our clients` need for highly accurate work. That`s why you can count on 1st Metropolitan to provide you with the highest level of accuracy for all your translation and interpretation needs.
In the current global economy there has never been a greater demand for quality interpreters, and 1st Metropolitan can provide for virtually any language spoken in the world.
1st Metropolitan can provide you with highly qualified professional interpreters for a variety of settings and languages. We can also handle special requests if you need an interpreter familiar with specialized technical knowledge.
Depending on your specific requirements, 1st Metropolitan Translation Services, Inc. can provide you with whichever interpretation service best meets your need:
Simultaneous Interpretation - interpretation conducted concurrently with the speaker.
Consecutive Interpretation - interpretation conducted in regular succession, without gaps.
Our team of professional translators allows us to match your documents to people with experience in a wide variety of fields. Our skilled staff will evaluate the nature of your work and delegate it to an appropriate translator fluent in the required languages and knowledgeable in the terminology of your project.
1st Metropolitan will provide you with two certified/notarized hardcopies of your translation, as well as a digital copy for your records. All of our completed translations are certified and notarized, thereby recognized as an authentic translation by virtually every court and government in the world. Our attention to detail and demand for excellence ensures your document is translated right the first time, every time.
In addition, we offer extensive translation experience and expertise in many fields:
Business and Finance
Computer Science and Data Processing Correspondence
Academic and Employment Records
Employee Manuals
Medicine and Pharmaceuticals
Science and Technology

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Address and Phone Number
30 South Wacker Drive, Suite 2200 Chicago, IL, 60606

Website: 1st Metropolitan Translation  Major Supplier Of Translation And Interpretation Services


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