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Kultural Kids

 We believe childhood is the key time to be introduced to a wealth of knowledge. A child `s brain has a wonderful ability to absorb information in incredible amounts, by exposing your child to various creative and thought provoking activities, the better equipped your child will be in academic life as well as building lifelong passions.
Address: Morton, IL, 61550    
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Website: Kultural Kids
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 Children learn best through being actively engaged in a subject. A child becomes actively engaged when he or she is having fun. The goal of Kultural Kids is to be a major outlet for building knowledge, creativity, and cultural awareness through our early childhood and elementary level creative arts and foreign language education programs.  
 Through constant enhancements to our curriculum and learning facilities, we strive to provide your child with everything he or she needs to be engaged in our programs and to be well on the way to becoming a creative, successful, and culturally aware individual.  
 Kultural Kids is a progressive learning center for children in central Illinois. Foreign language and creative art classes are the focus of the center. Children have a unique opportunity to grow creatively and build cultural awareness, all while playing and having fun.  
 Our world is quickly becoming a global society, and it is increasingly important to be able to communicate with people of different cultures, who speak different languages. It is a necessity that your child learns the skills to communicate early. A solid foundation in creative thinking and a second language is the key to your child`s future success in the world community. Kultural Kids is the learning center that can help your child build this strong foundation.  
 At our learning center we provide early foreign language immersion and creative art programs for children ages 1 to 12. We are constantly developing new curriculum to better fit the overall mission of the center.  
 At Kultural Kids, we have developed an environment where your child can feel comfortable and be encouraged to learn a second language and develop the inherent artistic abilities found in every child. Through our programs, your child will become more culturally aware, which is the first step towards progressive communication. Through our early foreign language immersion and creative art programs, your child will truly benefit for a lifetime! Contact us today!

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320 S. Main St. Morton, IL, 61550

Website: Kultural Kids  An early childhood foreign language immersion and creative art education center


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