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Accent Aware

 Accent Aware is a professional training company dedicated to teaching individuals how to modify foreign accents and improve speaking skills in American English. We are located in the western suburbs of Chicago and provide training at our Wheaton office or at your place of business. For your convenience, we will travel to the far west, western and northwest suburbs as well as to Chicago.
Address: Wheaton, IL, 60187    
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Website: Accent Aware
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 Our programs are designed to meet the needs of speakers of English as a second language as well as native English speakers who wish to reduce regional dialects. Accent Aware`s founder and primary instructor is Sandra Wroblewski, an experienced communication specialist. She is a nationally certified and licensed speech pathologist with more than twenty years of experience in facilitating improved communication skills.  
 We provide training for individuals who want to improve their spoken English skills by modifying their foreign or regional accents. In addition, we offer corporate speech training to organizations in order to assist employees by eliminating obstacles that can occur when foreign or regional accents interfere with effective business communication.  
 Our courses typically run for 13 weeks and include:  
 Complimentary speech screening and interview to determine most appropriate programs.  
 Comprehensive, detailed analysis of speech with baseline documentation for each client.  
 Training programs customized to meet the specific needs of clients.  
 In class and out of class guidance and extensive practice opportunities with Compton P-ESL materials. Middle and post program documented reviews of progress with recommendations for continued improvement. Telephone follow-up after program completion.  
 Why Accent Aware?  
 By attending workshop sessions and practicing consistently, clients can expect a substantial improvement in their English pronunciation. With increased confidence and decreased frustration, clients will improve their communication skills and may expand their opportunities for career advancement. Employers can provide a unique, professional level benefit for employees by offering a proven method to improve communication, conveniently located at their workplace. They will see fewer communication breakdowns, greater effectiveness in interactions, and an increase in confidence, productivity and morale of employees.

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Address and Phone Number
PO Box 225 Wheaton, IL, 60187

Website: Accent Aware  personal and professional accent reduction training.

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