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Intercultural Montessori Language School

 The purpose of our school is to develop confident, multicultural, multilingual children who respect diversity and community and who are caring, capable, enthusiastic, and committed to a lifetime of learning. Intercultural Montessori is committed to our basic mission and values of multilingualism, multiculturalism, educational excellence, and Montessori`s focus on whole-child development.
Address: Oak Park, IL, 60302    
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Website: Montessori Language School
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Tile and Stone Stores in CA

 Our school helps each child reach his/her fullest potential through a carefully prepared learning environment that enables children to work toward perfecting their concentration, coordination and independence, while acquiring essential academic and life skills.  
 We also believe that all children can acquire a second language and experience the academic benefits of learning through a second language.  
 By taking advantage of the critical sensitive period for native-style language acquisition during childhood, children learn a second language before their developmental window closes as well as enhance their own native language skills.  
 Open Houses:  
 In order to find out more about our programs, we encourage prospective parents to call or email us and schedule an appointment to attend an open house which are held every other Thursday.  
 Admissions Policy:  
 Intercultural Montessori welcomes all children and does not discriminate in admissions based on gender, race, religion, national origin, sexual orientation or political belief. Acceptance is based on parents` commitment to language immersion, Montessori education, and available space.  
 Intercultural Montessori opens at 7:00 a.m. for both preschool and elementary students, and provides care until 6:00 p.m.  
 During the after-school time, a variety of optional enrichment activities are available such as piano, violin, harmonica, juggling and acrobatics, and judo.  
 Intercultural Montessori is open year round except for public holidays, teacher institute days and school breaks.  
 Summer is the time for fun and our summer program has plenty of enjoyment plus the advantages of language immersion!  
 Our summer program typically begins June 1st and runs approximately 12 weeks. We offer several sessions, that focus on specific themes, which dictate the children`s activities and field trips. The children participate in water and sand play, arts and crafts, nature and science investigations, imagination and lots of outdoor activities and exercise.

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301 South Ridgeland Avenue Oak Park, IL, 60302

Website: Montessori Language School  We are a unique year-round Montessori school, beginning in PreK, which features a total immersion language program in either Spanish or Japanese and E


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