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Royal Gardens Landscaping

We at Royal Gardens Landscaping pride ourselves on giving superior service at competitive prices. We specialize in creating and maintaining beautiful landscapes for homeowners in Illinois. Call our office today to get your estimate or make an appointment to have a representative show you how easy it is to transform your yard into a showcase.
Address: Ingleside, IL, 60041    
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Website: Royal Gardens Landscaping
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At Royal Gardens, every landscape project is uniquely designed around your lifestyle, preferences and budget, whether you`re looking to update old landscaping or starting out fresh in your new home. One of our specialties includes low maintenance landscapes, using locally grown, hardy plant material and hardscape materials that require minimal care. Our plant palate is full of hundreds of proven varieties that are suitable to our Midwest climate.
At the heart of your landscape is the care necessary to keep it beautiful. Royal Gardens provides weekly service to maintain or bring back the luster in your yard. We offer exceptional service for:
Weekly mowing is performed on the same day each week unless the weather dictates otherwise. Any debris will be picked up prior to cutting. Each week our crew will alter their mowing pattern to eliminate consistent wear in any one direction. A power blower is used to clear away debris on paved surfaces, stoops, decks and patios.
Edging of planting beds, paved surfaces and vertical surfaces is performed weekly or as needed with a string trimmer. Periodically throughout the season, your planting beds and tree rings will be edged using a spade shovel to create a distinct border between lawn and planting areas.
Planting bed maintenance is performed as needed. This service includes a pre-emergent treatment, weed pulling of easily identified species and cutting back of perennials as they fade away in autumn.
Spring clean-up is typically included with our weekly service program in March/April, unless your property has specific concerns or conditions.
Fall clean-up is included with our weekly service program through October and November.
Your lawn requires constant care to keep it lush, healthy and weed free. With our 7-step program and proper watering habits, we guarantee you`ll love how thick and green your lawn will be. We use only professional grade granular, slow-release fertilizer and liquid broadleaf herbicide.

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1001 South Route 59 Ingleside, IL, 60041

Website: Royal Gardens Landscaping  Creating and maintaining beautiful landscapes for homeowners in Illinois


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