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Tiffany Beane Fine Art & Portrait Studio

Tiffany`s art classes are taught in such a way that the student not only learns how to create art with a specific medium (ex. paint, pencil, etc), but also learns how to care for their art supplies, use new and unusual tools to achieve specific results, and mix different mediums to achieve amazing new effects.
Address: Springfield, IL, 62711    
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Website: Tiffany Beane Fine Art Studio
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The American Artist, Tiffany Beane, is a member of The Colored Pencil Society of America, as well as The Portrait Society of America, among other professional affiliations. Upon graduating from Western Illinois University with a Bachelor of Fine Art`s Degree, with minors in Graphic Design and Commercial Illustration, Tiffany went on to Illinois State University in her studies of Art Education (k-12). In 1997 Tiffany started her fine art studio business.
For beginners the art classes always start with the fundamentals of just how to apply the medium to the appropriate surfaces. So at no point is the student feeling fearful about actually using the tools for their chosen medium(brushes, pencils, exacto blades, oil mediums, etc.).
Tiffany teaches at the pace of the student. Allowing some to move forward to the next steps, while others might need a bit more attention to certain techniques. The art classes are all structured to be a relaxed environment where students are encouraged to ask questions and move at their own speed.
Most group art classes and art workshops will each cover a specific medium, and possibly subject matter. Some of these classes will allow students to bring in an image of their own choosing to refer to as a reference for the subject of their piece of art. While other classes will have a preset subject matter that Tiffany provides and the students will refer to when rendering the image they create.
Students will complete at least one piece of art or project within the class or workshop. In some situations some students may complete more than one piece of art. Tiffany pays special attention to how each student learns, and adjusts her teaching method to best assist their individual needs. By teaching through visual examples and demonstrations students are able to quickly apply the new techniques that are taught in class.
Children & adult classes are both offered. Private art classes are available periodically throughout the year.

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6113 Greenwalt Dr. Springfield, IL, 62711

Website: Tiffany Beane Fine Art Studio  Private and group art classes to children and adults


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