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Go Get Your Smock!

 Diane Sutliff has been working with young children and art since 1995, she currently trains early childhood art educators for the Go Get Your Smock - program in Chicago Public Schools. She also serves as the art-in-the-classroom guide at CPS Kipling Elementary School on Chicago`s south side, and as a pro-bono art guide at Near North Montessori School. Diane has developed art curricula for traditional and Montessori early childhood.
Address: Chicago, IL, 60625    
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Website: Go Get Your Smock!
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  School of Art   
 Offers drawing classes for students on Chicago`s north side. Our classes are grouped by age: preschool/parent, children ages 6 - 8, 9 - 12, teen and adult. Our lessons are age-appropriate, open-ended, and creativity and ingenuity are greatly encouraged. Absolute beginners are warmly welcomed! Each artist is encouraged to strengthen visual skills, to learn from each experience and to find a unique drawing style.  
 All children have a driving need to express themselves, to illustrate ideas and to make sense of new information. 90% of children are visual learners. This means they best absorb information from what they see and are best able to communicate their ideas in drawings.  
 Most schools can only devote brief periods to visual arts education, if at all! Without regular instruction and opportunities to experiment and practice, most children will become frustrated with their drawing abilities. Their skills can`t keep up with their ideas and expectations. Their confidence slips. Then they stop drawing, and lose an important method of communication. So many of the paths open to your child will require the ability to illustrate ideas. And the visual acuity and focus developed while drawing crosses over to other areas of life. Artists improve planning, problem solving and creative skills inside and outside art class.  
 The greatest thing about the visual arts is that you can become a student at any point in life! Healthy adults make space in their lives for creativity and new experiences. Drawing is a unique pathway to both self-expression and self-exploration. Regular visual arts opportunities allow you to recharge your creative batteries, open new pathways of thinking, expand your problem-solving skills, hone your visual acuity and restore balance to your life! In an environment providing for support and structure on one hand, and creativity and individuality on the other, you can interpret the world around you onto paper, develop your own unique drawing style – and reconnect with your ingenuity!

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4636 N. Francisco Avenue Chicago, IL, 60625

Website: Go Get Your Smock!  School of Art for Children, Teens and Adults where anyone can learn to draw!


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