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Natures Embrace Acupuncture

Natures Embrace Acupuncture offers a healthcare service unlike any other. We understand optimal health to be a state of harmony and balance of the body, mind and spirit. We incorporate Eastern philosophies in our treatment plan. Our skills allow us to be competent, capable and caring practitioners with the compassion to listen and respond to each of our patients according to their individual needs.
Address: Buffalo Grove, IL, 60089    
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Website: Natures Embrace Acupuncture
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Natures Embrace Acupuncture
Acupuncture is an ancient form of Chinese medicine dating back over 5,000 years. It is based upon the concept that the body has specific channels (meridians) through which energy (Chi) flows.
Our Services:
- Body Acupuncture. We use sterile pre-packaged disposable needles, of the highest quality. There are 14 meridians in the human body upon which sit over 400 acupuncture points. Each point retains a specific quality and function, along with specific associations to various organs, systems, glands and hormonal release. Depending on the pattern of disease to be treated and the root cause of the illness, the acupuncturist will treat any number of these points.
- Auricular Acupuncture. Auricular (or Ear) Acupuncture is a specialized therapy where acupuncture points on the ear are treated using needles to help relieve many chronic conditions, as well as many acute conditions such as stress, TBD etc... There are as many as two hundred acupuncture points on the outer ear. The outer ear acts as a switchboard to the brain. Each acupoint on the ear, when treated, triggers electrical in the ear, via the brain to the specific area of the body that is being treated. Therefore if you have a painful knee by treating the "knee" acupoint on the ear, it would help alleviate pain in the knee.
- Scalp Acupuncture. The head or scalp region is divided into several areas. We needle in specific areas along the corresponding treatment line to treat more specific and serious (complicated/chronic) disease.
- Electro Acupuncture. Electro-Acupuncture is the use of low frequency electrically stimulated needles for continuous stimulation of acupoints. Once needles have been inserted small electrodes are attached and a low frequency electric current is passed through to strengthen and alter the nature of stimulation. The passing of this current is very effective and greatly enhances traditional acupuncture. This method is used most often for pain, muscolo-skeletal, nerve, epilepsy, muscle atrophy   and menstrual conditions.
- Chinese Massage (Tui Na). Tui Na is a comprehensive system of therapeutic massage that uses different strokes applied to acupoints, channels and muscle groups. The strokes and techniques stimulate an exchange of Qi energy between the practitioner and the patient, and this is the secret healing power of Tui Na.
- Moxabustion. Moxabustion treats and prevents diseases by applying heat, generated from the herb mugwort, to points or certain locations of the human body. The material used is mainly " moxa - wool " in the form of a cone or stick. The heat warms the chi and Blood in the channels and is therefore useful in the treatment of disease and maintenance of health.  At other times the two have a synergistic effect.
- Cupping. Cupping is a method of treating disease caused by local congestion. A partial vacuum is created in jars, usually by means of heat, which are then applied to the skin, drawing up the underlying tissues to improve blood circulation and unblock congestion. Today, cups made of glass manual pump cups, plastic or bamboo.
The key to better health is prevention.

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985 S. Buffalo Grove Rd. Buffalo Grove, IL, 60089

Website: Natures Embrace Acupuncture  Natures Embrace Acupuncture offers a healthcare service unlike any other.

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