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Vital Directions

Vital Directions’ style is Japanese Meridian Therapy, acupuncture based on refined palpation and delicate needle technique. It is both gentle and effective. Tomas J. Hurrle practices acupuncture in the Lincoln Square neighborhood of Chicago. His acupuncture experience in Chicago includes work in a hospital-based Integrative Medicine Center, in a geriatric medicine office, and in his home office.
Address: Chicago, IL, 60625    
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Vital Directions
Procedure. We practice Traditional Japanese Acupuncture. We use very fine needles, insert them mostly into the skin or subcutaneous tissue, and often remove the needles in 20 to 40 seconds. We also use moxibustion, a technique for warming acupuncture points. Note: treatment without insertion of needles is an option.
The core of a treatment is always the “root treatment”. Its goal is to supplement the acupuncture channels of deep internal organs (kidney, liver, lung, spleen) and uses 2 or 3 "Transport" points. 1-4 other acupuncture points are used to harmonize or reduce energy in other acupuncture channels. This tends to normalize the balance between the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. It is profoundly relaxing; it promotes homeostasis (harmony and efficiency in our organism). The effect of each point used in the root treatment is assessed attentively. Pulse character, skin color and tonus are expected to improve. Treatment of presenting symptoms follows the root treatment.
Tense, debilitated or chronically ill people find this treatment restorative and useful in maintaining their health. Utter absence of side effects is a key characteristic.
Tomas J. Hurrle is a general practitioner, comfortable treating most issues. Most people respond well to acupuncture. Traditional Japanese Acupuncture is particularly suited to those who are uncomfortable with strong needle stimulus, or are fatigued or otherwise weakened. He has helped a wide variety of complaints, so the following examples do not exclude other problems. Most kinds of pain respond to treatment - headache, migraine, back pain, neck and shoulder pain, arthritic pain, and inflammatory conditions such as bursitis or tendonitis.
Conditions that are aggravated by stress respond well - anxiety, mild depression, insomnia,  fatigue,  dermatitis, dysmenorrhea (PMS) and perimenopausal problems. If the immune system is overactive or under active, acupuncture helps re-establish balance - allergies, hay fever, recurrent colds, sinusitis, wheezing or asthma.Gastric problems - gastritis, nausea, acid reflux, difficulty swallowing, Barretts Esophagus get better when qi circulation is adjusted.
Acupuncture is useful in aiding recovery from surgery or aggressive medical treatment that leaves the body weakened. It is useful to ameliorate the side effects of chemotherapy.
Experience with martial arts training led him to familiarity with treating trauma - sprains, strains, bruises, broken bones.
Qigong Class. Qi Gong (“chee gong”) is meditation, breath work, stretching and strengthening. It trains core muscles to foster balance and grace. It develops unity of mind and body. This class is focused on effective execution of the fundamentals of external qigong. You can use Qi Gong as part of a regular fitness routine, to speed recovery from illness, trauma or surgery, and to increase energy, coordination and sensitivity. Qigong trains the mind and body together. It helps improve virtually any complaint because it improves the fundamental processes that repair and restore health, such as respiration, circulation and peristalsis. Practice includes whole body breathing, the 8 brocade exercises, and standing meditation. Ba Gua circle walk meditation is available for those who are capable. Everyone can learn Qi Gong.

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2719 W. Ainslie Chicago, IL, 60625

Website: Vital Directions  Vital Directions style is Japanese Meridian Therapy, acupuncture based on refined palpation and delicate needle technique.

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