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Hypnotic Therapeutics

Hypnotic Therapeutics is about helping people.  David A. Blender, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, formed Hypnotic Therapeutics as result of his passion to help people make fast positive changes in their lives.  As a Clinical Hypnotist / Clinical Hypnotherapist he works closely with clients on a  personal and responsive level to resolve many issues. 
Address: Barrington, IL, 60010    
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Hypnotherapy is the combining of Hypnosis in a clinical setting by someone trained and certified in hypnotherapy and hypnosis and delivered in a manner that creates relief  and / or eliminates  symptoms, whatever those symptoms might be.  It is the therapy - hypnotherapy - which is carried out within the altered state that is significant.  It adopts two altogether different forms in its clinical approach.
This clinical form of treatment is ideal for helping to cope with such things as self-development, particular fears, doubts, nerves, smoking, certain habits, some weight-control problems, stress, hypno-healing (working with the body`s immune and healing systems) and so forth.
This is used for the more fundamental or deep-seated problems or issues. This approach aims to find and eliminate the underlying rudimentary cause of such things as irrational fears, emotional problems, relationship difficulties, psychosexual problems, lack of confidence, personality problems, sleeping difficulties, stuttering/stammering, anxiety, inferiority complex, unhappiness, fears, etc. and most other problems and issues where there is a psychological factor at work.
Many people suffer from specific fears that originated somewhere in their childhood, for as children we are especially suggestible. These phobias tend to grow through time and can affect you in seemingly irrational ways, Hypnosis allows you to release phobias by processing the original sensitizing event, allowing you to live a life free of fear.
Perhaps you want to stop being shy and feeling a lack of confidence around others,(or members of the opposite sex). Through hypnosis you will become empowered and gain rock-solid confidence and self-esteem. You no longer need to live in doubt, concern, worry or judgment of others.  If communicating with strangers, members of the opposite sex, peers or anyone for that matter has been an issue, it can now be an issue of the past.

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220 South Cook Street Suite 103B, Barrington, IL, 60010

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