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The Wahls of Wellness

The Wahls of Wellness’ purpose is to help as many people as possible become as healthy as possible and to educate them about the benefits of Acupuncture, Oriental Medicine and Natural Healthcare, so they may, in turn, educate others. It is our strong belief that Acupuncture and natural healthcare has the answer to the problems that millions of people face.
Address: Arlington Heights, IL, 60004    
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Website: The Wahls of Wellness
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The Wahls of Wellness
Every person is unique and every patient requires a unique treatment. After an Initial Oriental Medical Examination, we determine what will be the most efficient and most effective treatment.
At the Wahls of Wellness, we offer treatments that incorporate the major branches of Oriental Medicine:
- Acupuncture. Each treatment plan is individualized. Acupuncture treatment depends on the type of illness, its severity and duration, and the physical state of the patient at the time of treatment. A series of 5-10 treatments may provide relief care for some problems, but often chronic and degenerative conditions may require many treatments overtime. To help reduce the number of treatments, we may suggest dietary and life-style modifications, specific exercise regimens, relaxation techniques, self-massage, and/or Chinese Herbal Medicines, all of which help increase the efficacy of acupuncture.
- Chinese Herbal Medicine. We use the highest quality herb granules available and compose individualized formulas for our patients. Chinese Herbal Medicine has been used as front line medicine by the majority of the world’s population since before recorded history, and is still the most widely utilized medical system in the world today. Adverse reactions to Chinese herbs are extremely rare and are negligible when compared to those commonly produced by pharmaceutical drugs.
- Diet and Eating Habits.
- Massage. Tui Na,the ancient art of acupressure massage designed to treat various conditions, is used when appropriate. The application of liniments and essential oils may be offered.
- Meditation. We incorporate guided imagery and healing visualizations to help cultivate healthy breathing and healing internal energy.
- Feng Shui and Lifestyle. The placement of furniture and objects, the choice of colors and decor, all make up the ambiance of a room. Some rooms, some homes, some offices, just “feel” better than others. All of us have a psychological or emotional response to a room we enter. That is the perspective from which we view Feng Shui. Is the space in which we live or work healthy and conducive to feeling good? Does the flow of Qi (energy) in the space feel positive or negative? Sometimes, the lifestyle, living conditions, or working conditions of a patient may be counterproductive to the treatment. When appropriate we will make Feng Shui recommendations. The recommendation may be as simple as a dehumidifier in a basement home office, or a more thorough consultation if necessary. We provide education on lifestyle and healthy eating modifications based upon the principles of Chinese Medicine.
Our passion is to reach the masses of society by serving other people and giving them a chance to get well and stay well without drugs or surgery.

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3375 N. Arlington Heights Rd, Ste. A Arlington Heights, IL, 60004

Website: The Wahls of Wellness  The Wahls of Wellness` purpose is to help people become as healthy as possible and to educate them about the benefits of Acupuncture.


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