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Kirschner Vision

 The doctors and staff of Kirschner Vision Group realize that everyone has their unique sense of style, and that eyeglasses truly are part of your wardrobe, as a result, each dispensary is stocked with a full array of eyeglass frames to suit all budgets. Our opticians make sure that best possible lens and options that are optically appropriate are suggested for each patient.
Address: Oak Forest, IL, 60452    
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Website: Kirschner Vision
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 Contact Lenses  
 Kirschner Vision Group has a wide variety of contacts available for many different visual needs. We have many specialty lenses from soft toric contacts, bifocal contacts, continuous wear contacts, daily disposable, and cosmetic/color contacts. Visit one of our locations for a contact lens examination so we can determine which lens modality is right for you!  
 Optical Dispensing  
 A frame is not complete until the lenses are inserted! At Kirschner Vision Group, we have the most innovative lenses available to our patients. Our in-office finishing lab has the ability to fabricate the majority of lenses to satisfy your visual needs! Our finishing lab allows us to provide that personal touch to your glasses.  
 Kirschner Vision Group will provide recommendations to ensure that your new lenses will match the needs of your lifestyle.  
 Visit our Lens Center for demonstrations on lens materials, coatings, and tints that can be utilized to enhance the appearance of your new glasses.  
 Sun protection is a must for everybody. Sun glasses must have ultraviolet (UV) protection. Cataract development can be hindered by the use of appropriate, UV protecting sunglasses.  
 Eye fatigue with computer work and annoying lighting conditions with night time driving can be alleviated by the addition of an anti-reflective/glare coating to your lenses.  
 Gone are the days of having the line bifocals! No-line progressive lenses or invisible multi-focals are available.  
 Specialty lenses will be offered for unique, work related or hobby related tasks. Special tints can be added to reduce surface glare while fishing, boating, golfing, and driving.  Sport lenses are available in many designs, colors, and treatments.  
 Patients looking for the ability to have clear lenses indoors and sunglasses outdoors may want to consider "Photochromic" lenses. Also known as Transition lenses, this quality is available in many lens materials and designs.

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Address and Phone Number
5451 W. 159th Street Oak Forest, IL, 60452

Website: Kirschner Vision  Let our capable staff and doctors take care of all of your vision needs!

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