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Physical Therapy in Illinois

The  Physical Therapy directory of the Doctors category inside the Medicine, Doctors and Clinics catalog is the best source of information on physical therapy, rehabilitation centers, medical facilities specializing in improvement of  daily activities.if you or your child has been involved and injured in car  or any other kind  of accidents or has problems with movements resulting from illnesses or disability your doctor may recommend t go for physical therapy treatments. to provide pain relief and resume normal level of activities after injuries. Browse this directory and find physical therapists, rehabilitation centers, clinics, hospitals, private practices dedicated in helping ease pain and find the most effective way to improve mobility. You are on the right  to improve your health!



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Physical Therapy in Illinois (10)

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 Absolute Vision Care
 Absolute Vision Care offers you and your family the following services - comprehensive eye exams using the latest technology available, excellent patient service and satisfaction, State-of-the-Art, computerized lens grinding service, quality eyeglass frames and materials, fitting of specialty and multifocal contact lenses, Medical & Vision insurance billing (Medicare & Participating Plans). .  More about Absolute Vision Care
 Ellie Pickering received her master`s degree in Chinese medicine from the Midwest College of Oriental Medicine in 2003, she is board certified and licensed in the State of Illinois, she is also a graduate of the Chicago School of Massage Therapy and has maintained a successful practice in Evanston for sixteen years. Ellie holds a BA.  More about Bodyscapes
 As a Medical Spa we are able to offer far more effective Aesthetic solutions through the use of state of the art lasers & medical grade skin care products. These treatments work to prevent, heal or correct Sun Damage, Age Spots, Fine Lines, Wrinkles, Pores, Acne, Uneven Skin Texture and Unwanted Hair, we pride ourselves on providing scientifically proven technology with state of the art techniques and skin care.  More about Elgin
 Family Eye Care
 Thank you for visiting Family Eye Care and the 20/20 Optical Shoppe, we are sure you will be pleased with our professional care and quality products. We are a full scope primary care optometric practice that has provided eye care for our community for over 30 years.  More about Family Eye Care
St. Charles
 Family Eye Clinic
 Our Mission is to provide professional, individual care for all who place their trust in us, our knowledgeable staff is committed to excellence in meeting each patient`s unique eye health and visual needs. We pledge to cheerfully, honestly and respectfully offer only the finest care for our patient`s precious gift of sight.  More about Family Eye Clinic
 Hypnotic Therapeutics
Hypnotic Therapeutics is about helping people.   David A.  More about Hypnotic Therapeutics
 Natures Embrace Acupuncture
Natures Embrace Acupuncture offers a healthcare service unlike any other. We understand optimal health to be a state of harmony and balance of the body, mind and spirit.  More about Natures Embrace Acupuncture
Buffalo Grove
 Serenity Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine
At Serenity Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine we understand the balance between primary and adjunctive care and offer an integrated system of health care known as Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Acupuncture is a component of this system, the origins of which can be traced back in China more than two thousand years making it one of the oldest and best-known treatment modalities.  More about Serenity Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine
Oak Park
 Vital Directions
Vital Directions’ style is Japanese Meridian Therapy, acupuncture based on refined palpation and delicate needle technique. It is both gentle and effective.  More about Vital Directions
 Vital Points Therapy
At Vital Points Therapy, acupuncture and oriental medicine are offered by therapists who apply Traditional Chinese Medicine safely and expertly. The staff includes Physical and Occupational Therapists, Acupuncturists, and Chinese Nutritionists.  More about Vital Points Therapy

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