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Our job is to inspect and protect you and your family from hazardous conditions while protecting your investment. We are independent, unbiased and professional. Inspexpro uses the latest home inspection methods, tools and technologies to provide you with timely information about your new home that you can understand and use to your benefit.
Address: Elmhurst, IL, 60126    
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Website: InspexPro
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The mission at InspexPro is to provide you with a superior experience in home inspection in Illinois. It is not uncommon to expose defects that save our clients thousands of dollars and countless hassle.
Every home has problems, our task is to uncover these issues and consult with you so you can understand the severity of these problems and their implications on your investment. While most problems that are identified are minor and need to be taken into the proper context when making a purchasing decision some are major and need to be addressed during the 5 day inspection contingency period.
We will provide you with a home inspection report and the perspective you need to make an educated home buying decision.
You deserve to have a complete understanding your new home before you close.  Expose before you close. If you close in a house with latent defects, they will be discovered by you or by another inspector when you sell. You do not want to wait until a problem is discovered and then be reliant on a contractor to give you advice in the heat of the moment. This is clearly not the optimal situation for you. Expose the issues now, understand the implications and plan ahead on maintenance.
Illinois home inspections generally take around 2 to 4 hours to perform depending upon the condition, age and size of the property. The inspector will use an array of technologies and experience to inspect the property from top to bottom.
Our home inspection service provides a broad review of the interior and exterior components of the home and covers all visible mechanical, structural, plumbing and electrical systems including roof, grading and drainage and many other items.
InspexPro was founded by Martin Trucco to fill the need provide superior home inspection services. While performing contracting and home repair services for real estate professionals it came to our attention that there was a wide variance in quality of home inspection services.  
We make every effort to not only identify deficiencies but to educate the home buyer about the implications of the problems and solutions to resolve them.

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223 May Street Elmhurst, IL, 60126

Website: InspexPro  Latest Home Inspection Methods, Tools And Technologies


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