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American Mortgage

 Our company provides the best solutions, because it keeps in touch with the fast-changing economy, our staff is highly trained and ready to assist you on every problem or question that you may have - all transactions are personnally overviewed by Mr. Soukoulis in order to assure the highest quality both for the loan agreement and for the customer service.
Address: Chicago, IL, 60631    
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Website: American Mortgage
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 American Mortgage And Real Estate Services Inc. is a Chicago based Corporation with services that run from home loans to commercial loans and SBA Loan Packaging Its president James P. Soukoulis has a comprehensive over-thirty-year experience with every aspect of the Real Estate and Banking Business. His thorough knowledge of the lending process, acquired through nationally accredited University-level programs, provided the foundations for a company that serves the Chicagoland community with responsibility and efficiency for over 25 years.  
 You will notice that we don`t try to close any deals over the Internet. We want to offer you the opportunity to experiment with the current rates, to get information on some basic aspects of Real estate loans and to create more ways of communication between you and our company.  
 We provide the most accurate up-to-date information on home mortgages. You can check the latest rates and you can get specific estimates about prospective loans.  
 Use our expertise and our sense of responsibility in order to get honest advice on all your personal and commercial real estate issues. We only work with reputable lenders and your will be provided with first class service.  
 We offer you answers and explanations to all questions that you might have concerning your loan. From the most basic to the most advanced.  
 Getting a home loan can occasionally be a very complicated task, but we are here to make it straightforward and intuitive. We will guide you through the gathering of the required paperwork and everything else will be up to us.  
 Once you are a homeowner with a mortgage to pay off, you should always look for possibilities that will lower your payments and improve your financial situations. We will help you stay in touch with the current rates and if you wish, we will let you know when it is worthy to refinance and under what conditions.

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6650 N. Northwest Highway, Suite 300 Chicago, IL, 60631

Website: American Mortgage  Our company offers Small Business Administration loan packaging.


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