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Wax On Wax Off Salon & Spa

We are a meditarrenean-style salon and spa. It means we focus on enhancing your beauty and health naturally. We use fine sea-derived skin care products, gentle waxing and threading techniques, top professional hair care as well as the latest star-like fashion styling available today to restore and strenghten your natural assets.
Address: Chicago, IL, 60607    
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Website: Wax On Wax Off Salon & Spa
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We have been in the business for over nine years and keep on the latest trends and techniques to enhance and help reveal your best physical attributes and make you feel like you own the town. So give us a call to schedule an appointment and get gorgeous.
Our services:

Weather straight, wavy or curly, beautiful hair are first healthy hair, and we`ll help you get there and maintaining your mane. We offer free consultation and recommendations with service, and we keep with the latest trends and techniques so you`ll be looking your best in no time.
Threading and Waxing:
Threading, our signature service,is a technique using cotton threads to precisely shape your eyebrows, and gently remove the slighlest unwanted facial hair. Waxing is performed with natural, gentle honey sugar wax by our skillful specialists.
A manicure/pedicure promotes both a good hygiene and a fashionable, professional look. This process beautifies, softens the texture and the look of your skin and nails. It helps them look young and presentable with colored polish or a French classic style.
A facial therapy addresses your facial stress and will soothe your entire body as well as treating and enhancing the texture of your skin. You will feel entirely relaxed and blissfully reenergized, ready to start anything.
A massage serves many purposes: it helps restore problematic areas, it relaxes your nerves, it reboosts your energy, and it`s like a submitted gym session without any efforts on your part. Massages are therapeutic to your muscles by providing circulation thus helping you getting toned and it is soft on your heart and mind.
Get the picture-perfect makeup. You`ll also learn the technique as you`re at it. This is our specialty, so choose your style, glam it up or go with a natural glow.
Eyelash extensions:
Because our faux or mink eyelash extensions look so natural you will think they should have always been there for you.
Hair extensions:
Our hair extensions have long tenure, are easy to maintain like your own hair, and look completely natural.

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Address and Phone Number
1039 W Taylor St Chicago, IL, 60607

Website: Wax On Wax Off Salon & Spa  Your Hip, Yet Affordable Salon & Spa


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