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Andrews Decal Company, Inc.

 For sixty years, Andrews Decal Company has been delivering on that promise, we are your single-source provider for luxurious custom labels. We combine expert craftsmanship, sophisticated techniques and rigid quality control procedures to ensure that every project is done right - exceeding your expectations. We are confident in saying that we are able to manufacture the most distinguished labels in Chicago.
Address: Chicago, IL, 60631    
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Website: Andrews Decal Company, Inc.
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 There is a reason that we have been doing this for sixty years, hundreds of leading businesses in a broad range of industries continue to rely on us to increase their brand recognition in such a competitive marketplace.  
 Dedication To Your Needs  
 At Andrews Decal Company, we build strong and trusted relationships. We work closely with all of our clients to ensure that their experiences with our company are not only positive, but also beneficial to strengthening their business. Through endless fine-tuning of a broad spectrum of capabilities, developing new applications, state-of-the-art equipment and constant education of our associates, we strive to be your most valued partner.  
 Marking and Labeling Systems (PGDQ2)  
 These systems consist of finished printed labels and they are suitable for use indoors, where exposure to high humidity or only occasional exposure to water can be expected, except where the individual recognitions indicate otherwise. Materials suitable only for indoor use or for additional exposure conditions such as outdoor use, gasoline splashing, etc. are identified in the individual recognitions.  
 The standard used to investigate products in this category is UL969 "Marking and Labeling Systems."  
 These systems are suitable for application to smooth, flat surfaces (except where another surface configuration is noted) subjected to the temperatures indicated. Unless otherwise described, (1) the oils references in the individual recognitions are lubricating oils, and (2) painted or enameled surfaces are on metal substrates. Pressure-sensitive labels indicated as suitable for application to alkyd paint or alkyd enamel are also considered suitable for application to alkyd paint or enamel modified with an amine resin.  
 Marking and labeling systems which have been found suitable for additional printing by the used are identified in the individual recognitions. Only unprinted (blank) areas of the label are suitable for additional printing, except where printing on preprinted label material is specified.

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6559 North Avondale Avenue Chicago, IL, 60631

Website: Andrews Decal Company, Inc.  Your Choice for combination process label printing!


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