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Hillcrest Animal Hospital

From its inception in 1967 to today, Hillcrest has operated as a "walk-in clinic" with very accommodating hours to help make pet care more convenient for its customers. Except for major surgeries and grooming, no appointment is ever necessary. Our single goal is to help you provide the best care for your pet.
Address: Rockford, IL, 61107    
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Website: Hillcrest Animal Hospital
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Whether that care is giving you information on home health care, or performing a complex surgery to save your pet`s life, our veterinarians and staff have the expertise, experience, and tools to offer you the full range of veterinary services you need, no matter what type of pet in your care.
In addition to making pet care convenient, we`ve made it affordable as well so that more pet owners can provide the care their pets need. Because we care for so many animals, we are able to keep our costs low and pass those savings on to our customers.
While our technology, complete range of services, and ability to care for all types of pets separates us from other Rockford-area veterinary clinics, our veterinarians and our staff are the real reason Hillcrest is the leading animal hospital in northern Illinois. Our veterinarians are Rockford`s best, and the quality of their work is equaled only by the compassionate care both you and your pet will feel from your very first visit.
Hillcrest Animal Hospital offers complete, full-service veterinary care for all your pets. From a Wellness Check-up on some exotics to a life-saving surgery on your best and most loyal friend, you can trust us for all your pet`s health care needs.
Annual Checkups
Our nose-to-tail exams can identify "hidden" health problems before they become serious, and give you the peace of mind of knowing you·ve done the right thing for you pet`s best care.    
End of Life Care    
Senior Pet Care
Allergy Care
Many pets – like many people – are allergic to foods, airborne particles like pollen, and certain substances that come into contact with their skin.    
Flea & Tick Control    
Dental Care    
Heartworm Prevention    
Diagnosis & Testing    
Prescription Medications    
Emergency Care
No other veterinary clinic in the Rockford area has more experience handling pet care emergencies than Hillcrest.    
Extended Vaccination Protocol

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Address and Phone Number
227 North Alpine Road Rockford, IL, 61107

Website: Hillcrest Animal Hospital  Full-Service Veterinary Care For All Pets Serving The Rockford Area For Almost 40 Years


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