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All Creatures Animal Hospital

All Creatures Animal Hospital is dedicated to providing progressive medicine in a caring environment for pets of all species. Through preventative medicine, client education, professional development of our staff, and advanced medical and surgical techniques, we hope to foster a strong and lasting bond with clients and their pets.
Address: Urbana, IL, 61801    
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Website: All Creatures Animal Hospital
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Rather than just treating symptoms, we feel it is in a pet`s best interest to seek the source of the problem. To do this, a thorough history and complete physical examination are performed on each patient at every office visit. In addition, laboratory work and further testing is available as needed for a complete evaluation of your pet. Nutrition, husbandry, and TLC are all part of the treatment plan. Preventative medicine is encouraged to help extend the quality and quantity of life. Our extensive medical records track problems and progress of your pet. With this approach, many treatments and procedures can safely provided for pets from Great Danes to canaries.
Our Services:
Office visits
Complete physical examination with each visit
Longer appointment times
Thorough client education
Board certified avian specialist
Written health report cards
Surgical services
Each patient is monitored by a certified technician
Monitoring equipment routinely used
Intravenous fluids routinely applied
Nail trimming and ear cleaning routinely performed
Routine spays and neuters
Orthopedic and soft tissue corrective surgery
Diagnostic endoscopy
Root canals
In-house laboratory and pharmacy
Allows for rapid answers and treatment
Pre-operative laboratory testing
Diagnostic technology
Pulse oximetry
Nutritional consultation
Prescription and maintenance diets
Exotic pet nutrition information
House-calls and Pet Pick-ups
Client convenience
Reduced stress for nervous pets
Dog, cat, and exotic animal boarding for our patients
New expanded facilities and indoor exercise area
Dogs walked 3 times daily
Avian obedience classes
5 week training for birds and owners
Allows prevention of some common behavior problems
Behavioral counseling
Separation anxiety
Litter box problems
Feather picking

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Address and Phone Number
2001 Linview St. Urbana, IL, 61801

Website: All Creatures Animal Hospital  Providing Progressive Medicine In A Caring Environment For Pets Of All Species


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