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 Our company serves local businesses, groups and organizations with a great emphasis on corporate accounts, we provide licensed apparel to the Cubs and Sox and have added the Wolves, Blackhawks and Bulls as well. Simply put, our company delivers - Floc-Flo was an original pioneer in the silk-screen printing industry as they were one of the first companies to manufacture and distribute screen-printing equipment.
Address: Chicago, IL, 60638    
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Website: Art-Flo
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 Art-Flo Shirt & Lettering Company is a family owned and operated business, which was started back in 1958 as a subsidiary of the Floc-Flo Corporation.  
 In the early 60`s Art-Flo was a nationwide distributor of bowling shirts while local business included team and work uniforms. In the 70`s the printed T-shirt was the item. What was once underwear had been transformed into a fashion statement. Once thought to be just a fad, T-shirts much like blue jeans, remain an important part of American culture today.  
 In the 80`s we were one of the first companies to have in-house computerized embroidery capabilities and embroidery became the preferred application on polo`s hats sweats and jackets. These types of products are known as active apparel and were designed with comfort in mind, to fit the lifestyle of the average person "on the go"! In 1984 we became a license of Major League Baseball and have printed for the Chicago Cubs, White Sox, Bulls, Blackhawks, and Wolves.  
 We are also a part of the "dressed down look" of corporate America supplying denim and twill shirts, sweaters, windshirts, etc. that appeal to the corporate casual market.  
 Now as we have entered a new millennium, we find ourselves providing many of the same products along with a whole new line of ladies apparel to many of the same customers.  
 Why should I hire Art-Flo?  
 We pride ourselves on the reputation we have built for ourselves in over 38 years of business. We don`t simply take orders: we want to build a relationship over years so that when you need something, you think of Art-Flo. Ask our customers who do business with us, year-in and year-out.  
 What happens if I`m not pleased?  
 Of course, we`d like to say that never happens. But sometimes it does. Our promise to you is simple: we will do all we can to deliver quality items, on time. The relationship we have with each one of our customers is the reason we`ve been around since 1958. Customers keep coming back, because they know Art-Flo will get the job done.

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6939 West 59th St. Chicago, IL, 60638

Website: Art-Flo  was an original pioneer in the silk-screen printing industry.


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