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Mary Michelle Winery

The Mary Michelle Winery’s goal is to produce an affordable world class wine from Illinois grown grapes. This dream would require a considerable commitment of time, energy and capital. Construction of the totally modern winery facility was completed in 2003 and wine sales began in earnest in 2005 with distribution throughout the states of Illinois and Missouri.
Address: Carrollton, IL, 62016    
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Website: Mary Michelle Winery
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Mary Michelle Winery
Mary Michelle Winery began as a dream of a group of investors from Santa Barbara, California. They knew that, historically, the five counties that surrounded the lower Illinois River valley were once renowned for the production of high quality grapes, apples and peaches. Small producers of wine and cider were also common in many towns throughout the area. After World War II, almost all fruit producers were forced to switch to other crops due to low cost competition from California.
In designing the winery at Mary Michelle, one question was asked. What facilities do we need to produce a world class wine? For the wine cellar, it needed to be in a totally temperature controlled building which could vary in temperature, like a natural cave, from 55 to 65 degrees during the course of the year. The bottling equipment needed to be state of the art. Before filling each bottle needed to be sparged with inert nitrogen gas. Corks had to be of the highest quality and purchased from Scott Laboratories in California where exhaustive lab testing was done before any corks were sold. The bottles, the labels and the foil caps needed to be fully reflective of the quality that had gone in to the wine itself.
Mary Michelle’s winemaker is Lucian Dressel. He planted his first vineyard in 1959 and became a licensed winemaker in 1968. He has won gold medals for wine in all the major national contests as well as a gold medal for Port awarded at the British House of Commons. In 2003, inspired by the vision of the founders of Mary Michelle, Dressel returned to the Midwest to help make a contribution to the fulfillment of this dream.
Mary Michelle’s Wine Clubs: Mary Michelle Dry Wine Club and Mary Michelle Sweet Wine Club.
We offer Wines:
- Mary Michelle Chardonel. Sommelier has likened the Mary Michelle Chardonel to a “harmony of a Viognier and Chardonnay.” This dry wine is a wonderful accompaniment to lighter fare such as sea bass, sole, salmon, scallops and delicate game fowl. It also goes well as an aperitif with creamy French and Italian cheeses.
- Mary Michelle Cynthiana. This is a dry, red wine “of the big shoulders,” with a deep red hue, a long lasting middle, and rich finish. The bouquet has hints of cassis, dried cherries and cedar. It makes an ideal accompaniment for Chicago's specialty meat dishes of steaks, chops, and other robust cuisine including seasonal game.
- Mary Michelle Dry Rose. Serve well-chilled at a barbeque with succulent ribs and salty chips. The Mary Michelle Rosé also complements the spiciness of Southeast Asian, East Indian, and Caribbean dishes.
Taste the Pride of Illinois.

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Route 2, Box 7A Carrollton, IL, 62016

Website: Mary Michelle Winery  The Mary Michelle Winerys goal is to produce an affordable world class wine from Illinois grown grapes.

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