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Chicago Watch and Jewelry Company


Welcome to the Chicago Watch and Jewelry Company. We are custom designers of jewelry. We work in 14 and 18 karat yellow and white gold, platinum, and sterling silver. We also restore older jewelry to its original integrity with fastidious attention to detail. For over sixty years, our focus has remained on integrity and quality of workmanship.

Address: Chicago, IL, 60602    
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Website: Chicago Watch and Jewelry
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The Chicago Watch and Jewelry Company has been serving customers for over sixty years. Our focus is on maintaining the utmost integrity in every facet of our work.
In this day of large corporations dominating every industry, we pride ourselves with the fact that we are a small company of six people. The owners, craftspeople, and employees work closely and maintain a common sense of direction and quality. We feel that when companies grow too large, they tend to thin out their priorities and lose integrity.
Whether manufacturing a new piece, altering an old piece, or conducting repair and restoration, we hold ourselves to the same high standards and quality of output.
We work personally with you during your precious moments and do not concern ourselves merely with making a sale.
We are a full-service custom shop specializing in the repair, restoration, and maintenance of fine jewelry and watches.
We work hard to maintain fair prices on all our merchandise and services.
Our Products:
We are an official Movado dealer, but we are able to locate virtually any watch, given some basic information and a description. We carry a contemporary silver line by Frederic Duclos. Additionally, we offer items by Colibri and Stuller.
Since a good portion of our business is devoted to design work, we pride ourselves with our ability to integrate your ideas and concepts into a notable piece of jewelry. We can build upon or otherwise modify an already-created piece. This will better reflect the personality of the owner and make the jewelry more individual.
We pride ourselves at grading diamonds accurately. You will receive no misleading exaggerations of color, clarity, or make that waste both time and money. We feel that nothing can be more counterproductive than inaccurate grading over the phone. A diamond must be described accurately so that you may decide if it fits your needs. Diamond grading reports are available.

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29 E. Madison Street, Suite 1203 Chicago, IL, 60602

Website: Chicago Watch and Jewelry  We Are A Full-Service Custom Shop Specializing In The Repair, Restoration, And Maintenance Of Fine Jewelry And Watches.


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