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Audio Services Corp

 Audio-Buff is owned and operated by Audio Services Corp, the Audio-Buff is provided as a convenience and reference to our clients. We provide expertise and products to help unleash the potential of any audio system - although an authorized dealer for some select products and technology, Audio Services Corp elicits the use of any manufacturer`s products when appropriate.
Address: Mundelein, IL, 60060    
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Website: Audio Services Corp
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 Whether it`s for the home, public gatherings, recording studios or even the electronic musician. We can help you make these systems live up to their potential.Each product we recommend or sell has proven the test of time and provides consistent and duplicate-able improvements in every system that it`s been tested. If you`d like to arrange a trial in your home please contact us. Auditions by Appointment only If you live outside our area and have a dealer showroom for the products we carry in your area, please support them. If you don`t, we`d enjoy helping you. The intention of this site is not to solicit out of area customers.  
 Internet Sales  
 No online sales of Von Schweikert Audio, nor Anthony Gallo Acoustics speakers are allowed. Please contact us to schedule a consultation or audition.  
 No prices will be quoted via email or over the phone.  
 Product burn-in Speakers:  
 Although they sound great out of the box,  Von Schweikert speakers require an period of 300-400 hours of vigorous exercise to reach their sonic potential. If you intend on utilizing a low wattage amplifier, you may never break in a speaker. We offer this break in service so that you may fully enjoy the magic of these speakers. Patience. If you are low on some, this is also a great way to enjoy your new speakers immediately.  
 Product burn-in Cables:  
 All Audience cables will be cooked on the Audio Dharma cable cooker. They will require less than 50 hours to acclimate to your system. If you`d prefer, we stock some sizes ready to go. They just need an hour to acclimate.  
 The most analog CD players available. Look for the review of the Lector ZOE preamp in the absolute sound. Authorized Dealer for Audience, DK Design, Lector, Von Schweikert Audio, Sophia Electric, Gallo Acoustics. Demo and pre-owned equipment available. Authorized dealer means new products carry a full factory warranty and you get the product support only an authorized dealer can provide. 30 Day in home trial on selected electronics and cables.  Contact us for details. Selected trade-ins welcome. The best Audio Grade Fuses Improves everything aspect of your your component`s performance now avilable.

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Address and Phone Number
28072 N Spring Mundelein, IL, 60060

Website: Audio Services Corp  Offering consulting services and cost effective improvements for home audio and video systems.


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