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Peppers Bedroom City

 You`ll find better quality products at low prices, we carry brand name furniture and mattresses that come with a manufacturer`s warranty, and Peppers Bedroom City guarantees your satisfaction so you always get the best value for your money.Only at Peppers Bedroom City will you find so many styles and sleep options. Each mattress and waterbed is specially selected to offer individualized comfort.
Address: Lockport, IL, 60441    
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Website: Peppers Bedroom City
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 You`ll find the Midwest`s largest selection of bedrooms on display. Furnitures stores cannot offer as many different bedroom styles as you`ll find at Peppers Bedroom City. Because all we sell are bedrooms!  
 Did You Know...  
 Where you sleep determines the quality of sleep. Only Peppers Bedroom City researches the quality of sleep. Most people do not realize the importance of sleep.  
 Each year, Americans spend more than $98 million on over-the-counter remedies to help them sleep at night and another $50 million on caffeine tablets to help them stay awake during the day.  
 20% of all drivers have fallen asleep at the wheel.  
 Medical treatment for sleep disturbances costs the nation an estimated $15.9 billion a year.  
 Quality Sleep Adds to Your Life  
 Consistent good sleep helps your mind and body deal better with the tensions of life. It helps in the performance of mental and physical tasks. It helps ward off illness by keeping up resistance to infection. It helps reduce psychological problems by giving you the ability to handle your emotions better. You even look better because it refreshes your body and improves disposition.  
 In their widely acclaimed book insomnia, Gay Gaer and Dr. Julius Segal state: "Some bed manufacturers have convinced the public that the firmness of a mattress is the criterion for selecting a good bed and by matching prices to the firmness of the bed, they have reaped greater profits."  In truth, firmness can be a hindrance to proper sleep because it creates pressure points which cause us to toss and turn on an average of 50 - 80 times each night, a movement every 6 - 8 minutes all night long!  
 We carry a complete line of:  
 Waterbed conditioner  
 Waterbed fill and drain adapters  
 Waterbed heaters  
 Waterbed sheets and mattress pads  
 Waterbed replacement tubes and water mattresses  
 Peppers Bedroom City offers the widest variety of sleep surfaces in the Midwest!  Each sleep surface is specially selected with your comfort in mind.  Ask about our 30 Night Free Trial to assure your satisfaction.

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Address and Phone Number
15442 W. 159th Street Lockport, IL, 60441

Website: Peppers Bedroom City  Where America buys quality Bedrooms for less!


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