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Burress Amish Furniture

 Burress Furniture has been a leader in Amish Furniture since 1983, quality & customer service are the most important parts of our business. Not everyone sees furniture making the way the Amish do - some regard it as art, to be admired and never used, to others it`s simply to be used. To the Amish, furniture making is a practical art, admired for its beauty, but lived in for generations.
Address: Elgin, IL, 60120    
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Website: Burress Amish Furniture
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 No doubt, some furniture making is not what it used to be. From a skilled craftsman carving quality woods into lasting pieces to you trying to match press board parts together. Times have changed, but not among the Amish.  
 Without the use of outside power, this furniture is created from carefully selected Pennsylvania Oak of Northern Red and Cherry, considered to be the strongest oak in North America. The Beauty of solid hardwood is much more than "skin deep".  Neither synthetic nor engineered, it comes from nature the simplest and most reliable of origins.  
 Our solid hardwood tables are made up of many pieces of wood. Each is unique and you may notice natural variations in color.  The lighter pieces were closer to the tree`s center. All are equally strong and impart the beauty and value that make solid hardwood second to none.  
 The trees main story is written in its unique grain pattern. Grain patterns are made by the tree`s growth rings one for each year.  Each board has its own story, its own unique grain patterns and textures. You can rest in the fact that your solid hardwood table looks like no other. Not even the one in our showroom. Color variations are a standard trademark of hardwoods. The outside or younger wood is lighter than the inside core where the wood is usually darker.  
 The durability and integrity of our hardwood table is not affected by these naturally occurring variations. In fact, these variations are exactly what most people want, giving them the warmth and charm of individuality. Trees absorb minerals and other essentials as they grow and prosper. You may see their traces in our tables. These natural characteristics let you know you are enjoying the authentic item, and not artificial wood imitation. The view from the web is nice, but to really appreciate fine Amish quality and our complete selection, you must visit our showroom. The temptation to run your fingers across the various woods is hard to resist. We can show you that solid hardwood, handcrafted furniture is more affordable than you may think. Bring home a quality heirloom today.

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663 Villa St. Elgin, IL, 60120

Website: Burress Amish Furniture  We are the `Original` Amish Oak Furniture Store in Chicago, Illinois bringing you Quality Furniture since 1983.


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