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Acies Sunglasses

 Voila, from The Latin comes the best name in the sunglass business, but names are mere labels for what they represent. So the true meaning of the "Acies" label is that you are wearing the world`s best sunglasses, this is because we manufacture "Acies" sunglasses from the highest quality components available. That in "Acies" we also happen to have found the world`s best name for a sunglass product is just an added benefit.
Address: Elk Grove, IL, 60007    
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Website: Acies Sunglasses
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 Lens Replacements (Any Brand) and Metal Frame Laser Welding Repairs For All Sunglass Brands, and Clear Riding/Training Lenses! Any Joe from Peoria can claim he`s Hawaiian and has more layers! And our competitors will Say Anything to justify ridiculous prices. No one offers more, or better, polarized, anti-reflective, protective, mirror and contrast enhancing layers.  
 Polarized Glare-Blocker lenses combine Silica Glass the clearest, most scratch resistant optical material available with Polarization the most effective glare blocking technology available.  
 For a fraction of what you would pay for similar products sold in stores, or inferior plastic products sold through TV offers, Acies real glass, polarized lenses provide:  
 Most Effective Polarization Available‹99.9% Glare Blockage  
 100% UV (A, B, & C) Protection, & Complete IR Control  
 Zero Distortion, Super Clear, Super Scratch resistant, Silica Glass lenses  
 Designer style Spring Hinge frames  
Choice of Hi-Contrast or True Color Retention Lenses  
 Health note: Doctors recommend Polarized Glass lenses to protect against developing, or aggravating already existing, vision problems such as cataracts.  
Copper Collection lenses maximize contrast to make objects brighter and easier to see by increasing the relative intensity of the colors most critical to good vision reds, yellows, and greens. Real silica glass copper lenses provide truer color retention and greater contrast enhancement than the generic tan lenses used by other brand name and designer label sunglasses to save money.  
 Super clear, distortion free Copper Collection lenses provide the following application specific benefits:  
 Golf: Improve depth perception, and recognize green and fairway contours more easily.  
 Driving: brake lights appear more intense, and road signs are easier to read. Copper Collection lenses are ideal for any application where good vision is crucial!

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1161 McCabe Ave Elk Grove, IL, 60007

Website: Acies Sunglasses  Sun Glasses & Sun Goggles Retail

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